Saturday, 9 December 2006

Stopping Junk Mail

Junk Mail – Is There More Than Ever?

In a word – yes. Putting a Stop to junk mail is hareder than ever before, and it shows every sign of increasing even further.

It's hard stopping junk mail from an industry in the UK that is estimated to be worth some £17 billion per year, employing around 800,000 people and generating £63 billion worth of sales. No wonder that big companies don’t want you to stop junk mail! Stopping junk mail that weighs a staggering 63,000 tons a year is hard. A high proportion of junk is from banks and other financial institutions eager to loan more money, get you to take on yet more credit cards, and take care of what money you do manage to save. The interesting thing is, companies want to stop junk mail. If stopping junk mail is high you priorities, it's on theres too.

In 2005, Royal Mail delivered 3,300,000,000 pieces of unaddressed junk . That’s 12.1% higher than in 2004. This year looks set to be worse yet. Until recently, the Royal Mail had a code of conduct which meant they delivered a maximum of pieces of unaddressed junk mail per week to each household. In August 2006, Royal Mail abandoned those guidelines, and will now deliver as much junk as it gets paid for – unless you demand that they stop junk mail.

Postwatch, the national watchdog for postal services, recognises the level of public concern at junk and is putting pressure on Royal Mail to make the opting out process easier, clearer, and more comprehensive.

However there is an amazing new guide to stopping junk mail that will help you Stop Junk Mail.